Choosing the Right Real Estate Insurance in New York


Choosing the Right Real Estate Insurance in New York

For those in the real estate industry who do everything from creating new office buildings to maintaining shopping centers, there are every-day risks associated with these structures, from natural exposures to issues with liabilities, food and liquor, employment practices and several other pertinent and often complex concerns.

In addition, there are many challenges that arise - from contractual obligations, environmental exposures and injuries or illnesses, to tougher lending practices and regulations, as well as economic fluctuations. These can all make operating a business rather difficult.

There are insurers that can provide the various segments within the real estate industry with comprehensive insurance solutions to address these challenges that can mean the difference between success and failure for a business.

Buying the right insurance to aid recovery is key

Commercial real estate insurance protects businesses against anything from a minor event to a serious financial disaster. For insurance purposes, a business' property includes the physical building in which it resides, as well as its other assets. Companies need the protection of this product to give them the satisfaction they need.

In this way, when property damages strike, the proper insurance coverage will protect business owners from losses due to damage to physical space or equipment, or as a result of theft. Being insured against various types of losses brings with it a great deal of peace of mind. Consider the amount of damage that a company could incur should any of the following things were to happen:

  • A fire could destroy the building and the contents inside
  • A car or truck could strike the building and force a temporary closure
  • A burst water pipe could damage documents, drawings or other valuable papers, or
  • A storm could damage the outdoor sign and cause immeasurable water damage

Advisors are always available that can conduct a best practices review of the company's current operation to help identify exposures and the level of risk involved. They can provide tools and risk-transfer solutions that are designed to help to mitigate and protect against natural or man-made losses.

Businesses operate in a number of different ways and their insurance needs are unique from one company to the next. Real estate insurance in New York comes in many different types and forms. Having the proper insurance coverage requirements will depend on many variables. It is in the best interest of the company to work with an agent that is able to tailor a policy that fits their needs.

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Brad Banks is an insurance agent for Tri-State Insurance which is an insurance agency that serves businesses and residents of Northern New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
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