Do Colleges Look At Freshman Grades? You Might Be Surprised

Do Colleges Look At Freshman Grades? You Might Be Surprised

It's not uncommon for a student that is applying to college to ask the question: "Do colleges look at freshman grades?" The answer to that is not just a simple yes or no like you would expect. In fact, just like everything else with regard to college admissions, there are a few gray areas that you should be aware of before you apply.

So, let's get right into it!

Do colleges look at freshman grades?

The short answer to that is, yes. Colleges will receive an official transcript from your high school that will include your grades from freshman year, all the way up to your senior year in most cases. Depending on when you apply, the colleges may only see freshman through junior year grades, but that freshman year will still be on there no matter what.

Now, did you do poorly your freshman year? Chances are you probably didn't do as well as you should have which brought you to this article! Well, there are some advantages and disadvantages to scoring not-so-good during your freshman and possibly sophomore year.


    • The Good News Colleges like to see and upward trend in grades, so if you got around a C average during your freshman year and progressed that following 2 or 3 years, that is actually good! It shows that you recognized a problem and solved it by sticking your nose in the books and getting that C average up to a high B!

  • The Bad News The fact that you scored poorly freshman year will have a negative effect on your overall grade point average. Many schools have a minimum grade point average that you will have to be above to gain admission, so that freshman year could hurt you in that respect.


However, all is not lost! Keep in mind that most colleges will not take an in depth look at your high school transcripts. When it comes to the question, do colleges look at freshman grades, yes they do but they may not look directly at them. The very first thing they'll look at when considering an applicant it the grade point average and ACT score. After that, they may get into specific classes and grades on the transcript, but for them to go all the way back to freshman year to scrutinize those grades is rare and doesn't happen often.

The best advice is the get off to a great start in high school. But, if it's too late for that, make sure you have that upward trend in grades during your sophomore through senior year and that will turn a bad situation into a good one!


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