End to Your Fistula Problem

End to Your Fistula Problem

Anal fistula (Bhagandar) is the medical term for an infected tunnel that develops between the skin and the muscular opening at the end of the digestive tract (anus). Most anal fistulas are the result of an infection in an anal gland that spreads to the skin. In order to have a proper treatment of Fistula the complete path of anal fistula has to be diagnosed properly. Most of the time the external skin appears red, inflamed area from which the pus and blood comes frequently. Finding the fistula opening in the anus is very important for treatment of Fistula. The diagnosis of fistula can be done by Proctoscopy or MRI Fistulogram. A Fistula doctor then decides upon the treatment of fistula, once the reports have come. There are many treatments available for Fistula depending upon the severity of the fistula. Some of the treatment for fistula are as follows:
1. VAAFT- Also known as Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment. It is an innovative technology for selected fistula cases only.
2. Ksharsutra- It is a traditional ayurvedic therapy.
3. Fistulectomy- The fistula tract is totally taken out using an advanced radiofrequency device under a strong light source.
4. FiLAC- It is known as Fistula Laser Closure. It's a procedure performed with the help of the Leonardo Laser Device that gently and effectively cures the anal fistula and also prevents the damage to the sphincter.
Treatment of fistula (Bhagandar) on timely manner is very important to avoid the future complications. Many people say that during surgery there is lot of pain and even after surgery, but this always not right. The latest technology that is by Laser is the painless treatment for Fistula. The admission required for this is just 24 hours. The healing & recovery period is relatively shorter via FiLac surgery. Dr. Ashwin Porwal is the 1st Fistula Surgeon in India to introduce the Filac surgery for the treatment of the fistula in Pune. Dr. Ashwin Porwal is also known as a fistula specialist & Colo rectal surgeon. He is the founder of Healing hands Clinic, Pune. He has performed & successfully treated more than 500 cases of FiLac in last one year which is highest in Asia Pacific.
Healing Hands Clinic in Pune is a Proctology (Piles, Constipation & Fistula) clinic along with Varicose Veins and Hernia treatment. Healing Hands Clinic is an ISO certified, ESCP recognized and a member of ECTA clinic in Pune. HHC is awarded as a centre of Excellence for Hernia treatment by Dr. John Murphy (Ex- President of American Hernia Society)
For details visit us at: http://www.healinghandsclinic.co.in/fistula-treatment-centre/
Or you can call us at- 8888288884
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Dr. Ashwin Porwal (Consultant Colo-Procto-Surgeon), the spearhead of Healing Hands Clinic is one of the renowned surgeons in India performing STARR surgery for Piles, Constipations, Hernia, Fistula and Prolapse. He has performed 500+ STARR surgeries with the highest success rate. for more information, visit- http://healinghandsclinic.co.in/piles-treatment-centre/
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