Five Steps In Planning Your Limo Bus Adventure

Five Steps In Planning Your Limo Bus Adventure

If you've got a party, wedding or formal to get to, why not rent a limo bus? The perks of renting a ride rather than driving yourself are numerous, and the party can start and end whenever you choose. However, there are a few things to consider before you board the party vehicle and start letting loose.

Finalize the Guest List and Time Rented

In order to get a good idea of what type of limo bus you'd like to rent from whichever company you choose, you'll need an idea of how many guests are attending and the amount of rental time. These automobiles usually can hold a fair number of people comfortably. Rates may vary, could be based hourly, or there could be a flat rate for the night. Also, talk to your guests about an itinerary in advance to help avoid against any last minute cancellations.

Make a Reservation

Book in advance to make sure you aren't left without a rental at the last minute. Generally a month before your event should be enough time. However, if your event falls near a holiday, like New Year's Eve or prom, you might consider booking even earlier to be on the safe side. Be clear about your specifications and inquire about other policies like food and drink. Also shop around for the best deal and don't book the first company you come across.

Plan Route

Depending on how long you've booked your limo bus for, you could have time to swing around town before or after the event. Decide whether you'd like to pick everyone up at his or her respective residences or all meet together to go to a destination. A major perk of renting a driving service is having a designated driver for the night. Planning for a few pit stops can liven the party up even more.

Plan Snacks and Drinks

This may not apply to everyone, especially those about to attend a large banquet, but refreshments are something to consider. Anything from water and crackers, to wine and cheese could be fun on a limo bus. However, it's important to inquire about the rental company's policies regarding on-board food and drink and ensure that no one is under the age of twenty-one if alcohol is present.

Make a Party Playlist

Most party rentals are equipped with auxiliary cords that allow you to plug in smart phones or mp3 players. This is also something you can inquire about with the company before the night of the event. No party is complete without some good music. Take the extra time to whip up a playlist for your guests to enjoy on the way to or back from the event.

It's important to understand the company's policies regarding party rentals, but a limo bus can liven up a night unlike any other form of transportation. With good music, refreshments, friends and the safety of a designated driver, there's no end to the fun.

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