Hay Bale Measurements

Hay Bale Measurements

'FarmVille' is one of the most famous applications or games in the well-celebrated social #network nowadays, which is the Facebook. In this game or application, an individual has to create and develop a virtual farm to 'level up'. It really depends on the individual what would be the design or outcome of the 'virtual farm'. One of the most commonly used materials in the game is a bale of hay and it comes in different lovely and attractive colors! Nonetheless, in reality bale of hay is a common thing in a real farm. The young Clark Kent stacked them up easily in his Smallville days in their farm. So, what is the usual size of a 'real' hay bale?

Quality and Types of Hay

Hay variations are factors that involve in its measurement. Regarding weight, the type of grass can also affect the overall mass of hay because some grasses are simply heavier. Grass weighs more than alfalfa thus they would have different sizes and weights. Small clover bale of hay could weigh around 40 pounds, but can reach more than 70 pounds depending on how it is wrapped up. Measurement of a hay bale also affects the packing of lighter hay, like the Timothy hay that is primarily for feeding.

Hay Bale Packaging

Packaging of hay bales depends on how the stuffs are place together. Bales of hay are mainly used selling and for feeding and if it is for feeding, hay bale could weigh around 100 pounds or more. If bales of hay are for feeding the packaging is tighter as much as possible. #Commercial hays weigh comparatively lesser. Commercial feeding hay bales could weigh less than 50-75% (in comparison to the standard hay bales). The reason for this discrepancy is that producers would try to sell bale of hay as many as they could. It is definitely a B.A.U or 'business as usual' thing.

Considerations Regarding Packaging

A fundamental part of hay bale packaging is the weight and its tightness. Bales could take various shapes such as square or rectangular and in some cases, they could be rounded up. Dryness (its level) could also be a factor in its weight. If the bale of hay had been properly dried up, its measurements (size and weight) would be more accurate. Cleaning the hay is another factor that could lessen hay's weight and 25% of the whole weight could be taken out just by cleaning. Hay bales' weight could be affected by the age of the grass as well.

Cost and Weight Estimates

A 2 by 3 hay bale approximately weighs around 80 to 140 pounds and shapes can also be a factor in its weight. Square shaped bale of hay could attain up to 100 pounds and in some cases it could weigh 800 pounds or more. Largecore could weigh up to 1800 pounds. Usual prices range from four to 10 USD, but in some states, hay bales are being sold 12 USD and up. Nonetheless, there are some areas that sell bales of hay less than a USD (20 cents or less). It is always a case of the basic rule of market: supply and demand. Purchasing a bale of hay may cause some confusion, especially referring to its measurements, but this know-how is a definite lead for consumers because it presents options.

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