Midwifery Care That Helps Women to Embrace Natural Delivery

Midwifery Care That Helps Women to Embrace Natural Delivery

Are you on the preparation to welcome a new little guest? Then, njmidwifery is here to provide you with full support to help you prepare for natural hospital or home delivery with personalized services by our midwives who are qualified and experienced. We have Certified Nurse Midwife to provide you with all care which is supportive and friendly.

Areas of service

We will provide you with attentive care during your prenatal period on a number of matters which include education on childbirth, support on lactation, right approach during labor pain, counselling on nutrition and diet and family planning. Individual midwifery care through traditional approaches and individualized and attentive services make us the most supportive to those who come for the best care during pregnancy.

Valuable advice

We will give you valuable advice on how best to prepare for natural birth and will provide you with all updated information which will help a woman take informed decision. We will suggest you to have the right birth kit so that all items required at the time of delivery are kept handy. njmidwifery also provide you with care and advice on preparing for water birth. In fact our aim is to help women have a unique experience during delivery. We not only provide the right assistance in helping women to prepare and plan for the right experience during giving birth whether natural or epidural. We will suggest you the books to read so that you gather as much information as possible that will help you to become mentally prepared for giving natural birth. We will help you to prepare a birth plan keeping in view all related matters including the mode of transport required at the time of going to the hospital. We will even advice you on the right type of sitting arrangement in the car.

Our Midwives will also provide with counselling for preconception and on whether natural delivery in hospital or epidural birth is right for her. For water birth preparations we will suggest you the type of water tub required and the diameter of the hose to ensure that there is absolutely smooth operation during the process. We have Certified Nurse Midwife who possesses enough expertise which are gathered from our research and experience for which we are proud to provide you the best services in Obstetric care. We also provide prenatal care in cases of Multiple Gestation, Cerelage, External Cephalie Version and Hyperemesis Gravindarium. We have in our collection many birth stories shared by large number of mothers which will help you to become mentally strong and gain enough confidence for giving birth in a natural process. To know more on our infra structure and staff engaged with us together with their profile, log into our website, njmidwifery. We are dedicated for supporting the natural passages throughout the life of a woman which will help in not only saving huge amount of money but also lead a natural and healthy life. we provide you with the best solutions to problems during prenatal period and help our clients with the right care needed so that they have a unique experience during delivery.

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