Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important

Why Early Childhood Education Is So Important

Education is vital to survive in this world. The Indian educational system is divided into various levels. Nursery school education is one of them. It is the first level of education that a child receives in this world. It is essential for a child's proper growth.

Education is a necessary part of everybody's life. It makes a great impact on everyone's life. The educational background of a person decides the direction which his life is going to take. Education is a powerful weapon and stands by us against all odds. One must always value one's education. A person's whole career depends upon the education he possesses. A person's real aim in life is the success he achieves in life and this is dependent on the education he has.

Just as education is important in an individual's life, the schooling he gets is an essential part of the education. Schooling in India is divided into primary, middle and secondary school education. Primary and pre-primary refers to the education a child receives from the age of three till the time he attains the fifth grade. Middle school refers to education a child has from the sixth grade to the eighth grade. Secondary refers to standards of ninth and above.

Earlier the educational bodies followed the concept of primary, middle and secondary school only, but today everybody is aware of pre-primary or nursery school education, most parents want to send there children to pre-primary schools to start their education early. Earlier when a child attained the age of five or six he was admitted to the first grade but today the child has to clear nursery and kindergarten before he is admitted to the first grade.

The nursery level of education which is considered very important is two to three years of education which teaches a child several important skills. In a pre-school a child learns to identify colors, shapes, write alphabet, numbers and most important of all a child learns to adjust and socialize. A child who has attended nursery school and kindergarten school adjusts to primary school fast. To attend a nursery school the child has to begin school at the tender age of three and four. The present child starts his education very early as compared to the child of yesteryears who started his education at the age of five or six.

Today because of the high demand of nursery school education you can find preschool franchisee mushrooming everywhere. For getting a child admitted to a kindergarten school, the child has to be taught the basics at home. This effort has to be made as a part of getting the child admitted to the best pre-primary school in town.

Different people have different views for pre-primary education. Some people feel it is not required while others recommend it highly. Most educationist today believe that children who have attended pre-primary school are better prepared to attend primary and secondary school and showed better math and reading skills. Such children were also socially well-adjusted children. Many educators believe that the pre-primary education provides a solid base to the child.

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