Why is Most Internet Privacy Software Worthless?

Why is Most Internet Privacy Software Worthless?

The internet privacy software industry is growing astronomically due to people's need to keep their search and download history secret. One of the biggest concerns of the common user is deleting adult content from their family computer. However this task is a lot harder than internet users assume.

The software primarily deals with "shredding" or deleting history collected via internet such as viewed websites, downloads and cache files. Using internet privacy software will certainly aid users in erasing that data. However, it will not stop your PC from collecting it. This is invariably why most of this kind of software is not really worth your money.

Internet Privacy software offers an off-line solution to an online problem!

In order to permanently delete your internet history you must perform a "secure delete". This process involves encrypting your data and then deleting. This is not part of most internet privacy software technology. The majority simply flush the old data using traditional deletion methods.

However, if a secure delete is not perform, the deleted information can be recovered quite easily using a few software tricks. Also, Windows index.dat files re-record the information secretly.

To stop your computer from collecting a mound of internet evidence you must stop it from logging the information while you are online. This strategy needs a combination of techniques and software.

An simple online strategy should mirror the one below:

1. Instruct your web browser to forget your history automatically
2. Avoid hazardous "cookies".
3. Stop "DNS leaks" from collecting information while online without your knowledge.
4. Protect your IP address from being hijacked and tracked by unsavory hackers and spammers.
5. Perform a secure deletion of your data.

Most internet privacy software only performs the last technique. So, if you want to shell out hundred of dollars for no protection, go right ahead. It's best to be informed on how to really protect yourself online. One of the best solutions is to purchase a handbook on the subject.

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